U4 Pilgramgasse station

Not much room, not much time and ample consideration for monument protection: The renovation of the U4 Pilgramgasse station in Vienna was a high-precision undertaking. While works were underway, we took great care to manage traffic effectively, allowing us to ensure everything ran according to plan. No less than 2,910 m DN 120 bored piles, 482,850 kg of reinforcement materials and 2,600 m3 of concrete were installed
U4 Pilgramgasse: Large-scale construction work in the underground shaft
Reinforcement materials: 482.850 kilogrammes
Steel construction : 36 tonnes
Material removed: 17.000 cubic metres
Client: Wiener Linien

Vienna is gearing up for the future, and the newly constructed U5 line and the new U2 route are a key part of their plans: This will elevate the Pilgramgasse station to become an important interchange. To ensure that our experts were well prepared, the construction site was modelled ahead of time and coordinated with a point cloud. This allowed us to overcome major challenges such as the flow of traffic, limited room for manoeuvre and the protection of historical monuments.