Working for the HABAU GROUP

Over 6,500 employees are learning and growing with us here at the HABAU GROUP. With the strength of a Group and the team spirit of a family, each of our companies achieves great things every day. We support the people who work for us, because we believe them to be our greatest asset. To us, investing in our team means investing in the future. We’re offering a variety of responsibilities and exciting career prospects. You’ll also always have our support in order to develop your potential and grow.
Working for the HABAU GROUP
What we offer
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Health care
The health, safety and well-being of our teams is our top priority.
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Training & development
We support our employees with a varied and comprehensive range of training, further education options as well as talent and management programmes.
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Sport & Events
A wide range of team events and sporting activities help foster the HABAU GROUP team spirit.
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Re-entering the workforce & part-time
If your circumstances change, we will support you and find the best solution together.
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Modern equipment
State-of-the-art equipment and ergonomics are undoubtedly part of our everyday professional life.
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Bonus programme
Excellent performance must be rewarded. Therefore we award bonuses to particularly committed employees.
Our team spirit never ceases to inspire me: Each and every individual counts.
I am encouraged and challenged. Problems are discussed and resolved together.
I received a warm welcome when I joined the team and was trusted with a range of responsibilities right from the word go.
My work is varied and HABAU offers me security and stability.
I enjoy supporting my colleagues with advice and assistance.
MCE offers a great mix of technology and business.
We’re offered a wide range of training and seminars to help our development.
I particularly enjoy the flexible working hours. I rely on them regularly.
My father has been working for PPS for 40 years now. This definitely piqued my interest in his work and the company from a young age.
I enjoy coming to work every day to realise the company's strategy together with my team.
Extensive development and equal career progression opportunities are very important within the HABAU GROUP.
Even as a young and somewhat inexperienced employee I was always motivated to contribute constructively.
At ÖSTU-STETTIN I have the chance to experience many different areas of the construction industry (structural and civil engineering, underground construction).
Emre Celikel, HABAU Apprenticeship - Bricklayer and Formworker
Gerda Wiesinger, MCE Controlling
Daniel Czubak, ÖSTU-STETTIN Site Manager Structural and Civil Engineering
Stephanie Schäfer, HABAU Commercial Administration
Christina Obermaier, HANS HOLZNER HR
Jennifer Oberbacher, MCE Plant construction
Eveline Payer, HELD & FRANCKE Construction Commercial Clerk
Marco Dießl, HABAU Deutschland Production Planning
Fabian Friese, PPS Pipeline Project Manager Winter Pipe Construction
Istvan Deli, KARL SEIDL Business Unit Manager Structural Engineering
Franz Wurm, HABAU Foreman
Valentin Jagsch, MCE Bridge Construction
Monika Hölzl, ÖSTU-STETTIN Construction Technician

How we work - Insights

Dagasan Abdulcelil, skilled structural engineering worker, HABAU Austria
Dagasan Abdulcelil likes to get things done. He has been employed as a construction worker by HABAU Austria since 1991. Earthworks, shuttering and concreting are part of his daily routine. He is also responsible for repairing roads, securing the construction site and ensuring that the necessary building materials, machines and equipment are available. For his job, Dagasan Abdulcelil relies on skilled craftsmanship and physical endurance. He enjoys spending much of his time outdoors. As an employee of a HABAU GROUP company, he particularly enjoys the benefits offered to him by the company, such as excellent health care.
Sigrid Bauer, Construction Manager, HABAU Austria
Sigrid Bauer opted to study construction technology at a polytechnic college and is now a construction manager at HABAU Austria. Her responsibilities span logistical as well as commercial areas. From the start of the construction work to handover, she takes responsibility for the entire crew. For Sigrid Bauer, the job requires a high degree of teamwork, commitment and flexibility. With an emphasis on communication, she particularly enjoys the variety in the day-to-day of her work: Because no two construction sites are the same and every day brings new challenges.
Thomas Steindl, Building Estimator, HELD & FRANCKE
Building Estimators are the first to familiarise themselves in detail with a planned construction project. Thomas Steindl, Building Estimator at HELD & FRANCKE, can turn around precise and customised offers within a very short time. His calculations include material and personnel costs as well as scheduling. This can be a real challenge, but for Thomas Steindl, this is precisely what drew him to the role. With precision, team spirit and an intimate understanding of construction site processes, he and his team write the budgets for around 750 projects per year in road construction alone. Opportunities to digitalise their work, with the help of the iTWO program for example, are an exciting extension of the job description.

We’re investing in a future for all of us

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Helping our employees progress is incredibly important to us. We offer a broad range of career development opportunities both at national and international level. For us, this also includes ongoing further training in-house. We offer a continuous roster of technical and commercial training, as well as personality development opportunities. We take a variety of approaches to promoting and supporting your further development, for example with our talent and management development programmes. We’re also able to offer funding and organisational assistance towards external training courses. This allows us to remain flexible and cater to your goals. Because you are our investment in the future.

Find your dream job

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Do you share our passion for construction in all its forms? Then apply and become part of the HABAU GROUP construction family!