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From planning to the final build and beyond: The HABAU GROUP brings together experts from all disciplines under one roof. We are a team with decades of experience and see ourselves as the go-between for all parties involved in the overall process. Our combination of hands-on know-how, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean Construction Management (LCM) forms the basis of our modern, transparent and efficient approach to project management. Your benefits: efficient construction schedules and high-quality results at the best price.
Employees on a construction site - Value Chain Management

At the HABAU GROUP, we can take care of even the most complex projects without outside assistance: We’re a strong corporate family. Over the decades, we’ve sustainably expanded our expertise and succeeded in harmoniously combining new business areas with existing ones. Our processes are lean and our distances short. This gives us more time to focus on the essentials: Your construction project.

Constantly improving. With one goal in mind.

A commitment to better building
We’re shaping the future and taking a holistic approach to the construction process. In Building Information Modelling and Lean Construction Management, we have identified two processes that drive development towards a future of fully digitalised planning. In doing so, we’re launching an era of state-of-the-art, collaborative and committed better building.
How can industrial construction and lean construction management be harnessed to optimise the construction process? By making sure the right part is in the right place at the right time in the right quantity - and without compromising on the required quality. Construction processes can only be optimised and waste can only be avoided if all participants actively pursue this common goal - true to a continuous improvement process (CIP) approach. What’s more, adopting a collaborative mindset, fostering an appreciative style of communication and actively involving subcontractors and suppliers is also conducive to achieving efficiency gains.
Supply Chain
The HABAU GROUP stands for transparency. We remain true to our values, even in areas where we’re operating and expanding internationally: We maintain a regional focus and strive for innovation. Consistency and sustainability guide our actions. Over the last 100 years since our formation, we have succeeded in creating a solid foundation together with our partners. This allows us to be a reliable supplier to you and ensure timely completion of your build. Without compromising on quality.

As a Group, we ‘think in generations’ and thus stay true to our beginnings as a family-run business. Regional value creation and commitment are second nature to us, as is staying true to our roots. Which is why we act sustainably: not only within the HABAU GROUP, but also together with our partners.
This is our way of, together, delivering top-quality performances and making the seemingly impossible possible.

Values that span generations.

As the HABAU GROUP we’re pursuing a targeted digitalisation strategy together with our team of experts.
Our practical know-how, in combination with BIM and lCM, creates the foundation for state-of-the-art, transparent and efficient project management.
We draw on digital technologies of the future, using them sensibly from the planning stage and throughtout.
Hubert Wetschnig, CEO HABAU GROUP
Christian Maier, Head of Construction and Digital construction process management
Karl Fröschl, Head of Surveying, STV. Head of Digital construction process management

We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure your build is a success. We rely on innovative technology to ensure the highest standards are met. To make this happen, we’re now using the 3D modelling process, Building Information Modelling, on more and more of our construction sites, allowing us to maximise planning reliability even when working on complex projects. We’re looking ahead. We’re building the future.

The future is now.