BIM in structural engineering

At the HABAU GROUP we’ve been using Building Information Modelling in the field of structural engineering for many years now and can guarantee the highest level of application expertise. The planning process is technologically advanced and works to optimally support construction work by giving builders the ability to first create their constructions virtually. This digital model then serves as a management tool for implementation processes throughout the entire project. Key added value: Cost certainty and transparency. You’re changing a parameter in the model? New documents – such as service specifications, plans or versions of quotes – are made available to all participants at once. Up-to-date overviews are available and accurate at all times.
HABAU GROUP - BIM in structural engineering

The digital revolution of the building site

Building Information Modelling is the software-based approach to error-free realisation of plans on construction sites. BIM and the RIB iTWO platform are two key pillars of our comprehensive digitalisation strategy. Digital models of the buildings to be constructed ensure no information is lost between the bidding and execution phases or due to vendor barriers during settling. This why we’re rolling out the process for all areas of project delivery. All processes are improved significantly thanks to 4D construction scheduling, 5D invoicing as well as 5D construction site controlling. BIM offers immense implementation benefits for the entire project team – through efficiency, error reduction and transparency. As a ‘BIM to field’ pioneer – i.e. in the practical application of BIM models – we’re constantly dedicated to improving our standards. This has allowed us to create a solid foundation for the ever-improving translation of digital opportunities to modern-day construction sites.

Digital and connected

BIM doesn’t only mean that digitalisation has successfully arrived at the construction site – it also marks the beginning of a new era of commitment to better building. Working together on one central model cements the aim of taking a collaborative approach at all levels. For our clients, this has elevated the HABAU GROUP to make it an even more competent, in control and supportive service provider. We act in an advisory capacity, share our expertise and take on the role of overall BIM coordinator. Together with our customers and partners, we’re constantly pushing digitalised, collaborative approaches to improving project-based work.

Together with the HABAU GROUP, we’re able to successfully incorporate BIM within the respective project.
The HABAU GROUP and HENN’s extensive BIM application experience form the basis for model-based processes to be used throughout the entire project.
Our expertise makes us Austria’s market leader in the field of BIM.
Thomas von Küstenfeld, Head of Design Systems, HENN GmbH
Hubert Wetschnig, CEO HABAU GROUP

Building Information Modelling also harbours great potential for civil engineering. And in order to be the first to exploit this potential moving forwards, we’re already planning for the long term and taking major steps to digitalise our civil engineering projects.

BIM in civil engineering