We’re counting on you and that's why you count!

Our employees are the backbone of our Group. Which is precisely why we invest in targeted further development and individual progression. Together, we’ll pave the way for you to achieve your full potential and pursue the career that suits you best.

Benefits of working for the HABAU GROUP

Treating our employees fairly, with dignity and respect is incredibly important to us. Which is why we offer to support you in numerous areas of daily working life. Not only do we champion people who work for us, we also have the utmost confidence in their abilities and believe that together we achieve great things.

Apprenticeships in the Group

We promote young talent. In addition to conventional apprenticeships in structural/civil engineering and concrete construction, we also offer training opportunities in many other areas. You can look forward to new experiences, varied opportunities to progress and international career prospects - in a field of work that is constantly evolving.

Job openings

Send us your CV and become part of our construction family! Perhaps you’ve already seen your dream job among our job openings.
Construction Manager at the HABAU GROUP
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Employee at the HABAU GROUP
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The HABAU GROUP as an employer

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With us, you can expect to experience a broad range of responsibilities, a collective team spirit, individual opportunities to progress and a stable employer. On our end, we’re looking for individuals who share our passion for the construction industry. We take our responsibility towards all our employees seriously: Fostering individual potential is just as important to us as creating a harmonious team spirit. That’s what sets our Group apart: We don’t just pay lip service to the idea of being one big family. A professional demeanour and integrity guide our daily actions. We take a people-centric approach. Seize the opportunity and join the family!

Our varied fields of work

Bauleiter bei der HABAU GROUP
Always looking at the bigger picture and remembering the part we play within your project’s life cycle: Our technical and commercial employees are not only skilled at ensuring effective management and smooth processes on construction sites. They are also experienced in acquisition, measurement, calculation, invoicing and aftercare. Their attention to detail and sense of foresight make for optimal project delivery.
Lehre bei HABAU: Junge Frau mit Bauhelm bei der Arbeit auf der Baustelle
Learning from one another: With our apprentices, we want to develop and grow beyond ourselves. We think in generations and are eager to pass on the experience we have accumulated over decades, enabling you to help shape our future. Exciting and varied apprenticeships await you at the HABAU GROUP, for example in structural and civil engineering as well as concrete construction, electrical engineering and IT.
Mitarbeiter in der HABAU GROUP
The best plans are nothing without outstanding execution. Our range of industrial professions is as diverse as our companies and their divisions. Because as an international full-service provider, we deliver all manner of projects: We give life a home and create infrastructure that is integral to society. No matter the project, however, never forget the value of a quality handshake and a skilled workforce. It’s all about the hands-on mentality, ensuring sustainability for generations to come.

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