‘Campus plus’: Atzgersdorf and Deutschordenstrasse

HABAU and ÖSTU-STETTIN are literally laying the foundations for the education of around 2,300 children and young people in Vienna. When it comes to the PPP (public-private partnership) projects Campus plus Atzgersdorf and Deutschordenstrasse, two HABAU GROUP companies are proving it is possible to combine economy, ecology and social issues to great effect.
Visualisation of the Deutschordenstrasse Education Campus © Shibukawa Eder Architects ZT GmbH
Investment volume: rund 70 Mio. €
Construction start: Sommer 2020
Construction end: Sommer/Herbst 2022
Kindergarten and school capacity: insgesamt 2.300 Kinder und Jugendliche

HABAU and ÖSTU STETTIN were able to win the public tenders for the construction of the Campus+ educational facilities of the City of Vienna across two locations: In Atzgersdorf and in Deutschordenstrasse, the city is creating places of joint learning for children from zero to fifteen years of age. Special attention has been given to the integration of children with disabilities.


Sustainable coexistence


The project focusses on the environment whilst also creating a place for the children to come together. Sprawling outdoor spaces such as courtyards, terraces and loggias are dotted around the facilities. When it comes to sustainability, the buildings score highly with sophisticated energy concepts and innovative technologies. In the long term, this will mean that across both sites there will be excellent ecological harmony combined with optimal economic efficiency – in construction and operation.