New working world: HABAU GROUP opens new location in Linz in the form of HAB25

Location: Franzosenhausweg 25, 4030 Linz
Construction period: 20 months
Gross usable floor area: 8,500 m²
End of construction: July 2022

After 20 months of construction, the HABAU GROUP is opening the doors to its new company building in Linz for around 250 HABAU and MCE employees. In doing so, it has created a modern and sustainable office based on New Work principles.


In the Upper Austrian capital, the HABAU GROUP implemented a new office building on the plot of a former courtyard farm – the HAB25. The requirements of the new workplace: to bring visibility to the corporate values, feature a flexible workplace design and promote communication. The building at Franzosenhausweg 25 was presented on 1 September 2022 as part of a ceremonial inauguration and customer party together with state governor Thomas Stelzer, deputy state governor Manfred Haimbuchner and mayor of Linz Klaus Luger.


“With the HAB25, we’ve established an additional venue that puts our most important foundation – namely our employees – front and centre”, says Hubert Wetschnig, CEO of the HABAU GROUP. “In close cooperation with our colleagues, we’ve created a new kind of working world that not only reflects our identity and values, but also offers space for individual growth and development.”


State governor Thomas Stelzer is equally enthusiastic about the HABAU GROUP location: “A lot of what is happening around us at the moment is beyond our influence. This makes it all the more important that we act decisively where we do have control. That’s exactly what we’re doing with the 1.2 billion euro Upper Austria Plan. With this plan, we’re pursuing an important objective of which we must not lose sight even in challenging times: we want to help our country continue to advance. The new HABAU GROUP location provides crucial impulses for this objective and for the location of Upper Austria as a whole. At the same time, the HABAU GROUP provides jobs for a large number of people, thus contributing significantly to the prosperity of the region.”


HAB25: Habitat for creative and productive working

This future-oriented office created in accordance with New Work principles is based on the designs of the architecture firm ARKFORM. The name HAB25 is derived from the abbreviation of habitat, to describe a living space, as well as the street number 25. Simultaneously, it is a nod to the roots of the group name HABAU GROUP. The new building is a square structure with four storeys and an underground car park spanning a gross floor area of 8,500 square metres in total. As of July 2022, around 250 employees of the group companies HABAU and MCE have called this location their new workplace. The total investment amounted to 23 million euros (incl. property).


The new building is envisioned not only as a place of creative and productive working, but also of equilibrium. Thanks to the inner courtyard oasis, in-house catering area, modern fitness studio and rooftop terrace garden, the building lives up to this vision.

Construction family at the centre

The employees were fully involved in the development process: with the help of workshops, logbooks, surveys and many conversations, a well-founded concept for the optimum design of HAB25 was developed over the course of several months. “A good work environment should increase the motivation of the employees and support healthy productivity and various modes of working. This is why we were particularly committed to including our employees in the process right from the start”, explains Hubert Wetschnig.


But the matter of sustainability also played an essential role in the development process. In the new building, special focus is placed on the area of energy efficiency. As an example of this commitment, HAB25 is heated with underfloor heating – and alongside this, concrete core activation can also be used to heat or cool in similar fashion. The heating and cooling are powered by a groundwater pump and a photovoltaic system.