Hadersdorf educational institution: ÖSTU-STETTIN is building for the generation of tomorrow

Client: City of Vienna
Construction start: November 2022
Usable floor space: 7.400 m²
Investment volume: 20.4 million euros
Scheduled end of construction: August 2024

At the end of 2022, commissioned by the City of Vienna, HABAU GROUP company ÖSTU-STETTIN began work on the new construction of the Hadersdorf school and kindergarten. The first phase has now successfully been completed with drilling for the use of geothermal energy.


ÖSTU-STETTIN, a Group company of the HABAU GROUP, started on the construction of the new Hadersdorf educational institution in Vienna’s 14th district in November 2022. On behalf of the City of Vienna, the construction company is erecting this highly energy-efficient building in-tended to create space for a diverse educational offer for children and adolescents aged 0 to15 by the kindergarten and school year 2024/25. For the thermoregulation alone, geothermal probes were bored into the ground to a depth of up to 150 metres. The bores, covering 4,600 metres in total, have now been successfully completed, thus creating the foundation for the flagship ecolog-ical project. The investment volume for the entire facility is around 20.4 million euros.


“We’re pleased that we as the HABAU GROUP have been brought on board for this important educational complex, allowing us to work today to build an educational facility for the generation of tomorrow. With our focus on ecological and economic optimisation, what we’re creating here is another future project”, says HABAU GROUP CEO Hubert Wetschnig.


Ultra-modern school in solid construction

The educational facility at Hadersdorfer Hauptstraße 78-80 in Penzing will be built as a solid con-struction with a partial basement on the basis of the feasibility study by Municipal Department 19. The new construction comprises a secondary school with ten grades, a primary school with four grades and a five-group kindergarten with a useable area of 7,400 square metres in total.


Sophisticated energy concept enables efficient, sustainable and innovative educational building

As part of the tender preparation, an energy concept was created by ÖSTU-STETTIN with the help of a dynamic building simulation and a special focus on the ecological and economic optimi-sation of the building. This enables an efficient, sustainable and innovative building.


The new building does away entirely with fossil fuel technologies and relies on renewable energy sources for all its energy needs. Photovoltaic panels fulfil the needs of optimised geothermal power, among other things. An innovative energy monitoring concept makes it possible for the operator to actively intervene. Thanks to the dynamic building simulation, a comfortable indoor climate can be ensured even in the year 2050, for example.


The reduction of the costs of energy as well as investment, maintenance and servicing means that the lifecycle costs are also minimised while simultaneously making a valuable contribution towards the climate. What is more, an efficient and reliable emergency supply concept in the event of a blackout was conceived in the planning.


“The school project at Hadersdorf Hauptstraße combines ÖSTU-STETTIN’s experience of by now over 30 new school constructions and extensions, as well as the use of renewable energy. We’re very happy that we were able to convince the City of Vienna of our competence with our energy concept for the building technology, developed together with our partners, allowing us to make a contribution to the new educational facility”, Robert Hitschmann, Technical Director at ÖSTU-STETTIN, is pleased.


End of construction by kindergarten and school year 2024/25

The construction measures began in November 2022 and are scheduled to be completed as ear-ly as August 2024. In the coming months, a total of 6,270 cubic metres of concrete and 887 tonnes of reinforcement will be installed into a gross floor area of 9,059 square metres.