Mistelbach bypass

Mistelbach, along with Paasdorf and Hüttendorf all stand to benefit from the 14.1-kilometre-long bypass. HABAU planned and built the entire course, which also encompasses 28 bridge structures. With the bypass scheduled to be up and running by 2040, we’re guaranteeing maximum quality in the long term.
Mistelbach bypass (c) HABAU

Planning and constructing the new section, expanding the old as well as operating, maintaining and financing a 14.1-km section of the B40/B46 north-east of Vienna. The new bypass roads ease congestion in the city centre of Mistelbach as well as the villages of Paasdorf and Hüttendorf. The project route was completely rebuilt during the construction phase. It comprises a total of 24 road bridges and 4 railway bridges, which were also newly built for ÖBB during the construction phase.