Maissau bypass

Planning, construction, expansion, operation and maintenance. HABAU was responsible for a 16.1-kilometre section of the B4 near Maissau. This involved a number of technical challenges, including 23-metre-deep rock cuts to accommodate the new construction, the construction of eleven new bridges and the operation of the entire stretch until 2037. We stand for long-term responsibility.
Maissau bypass (c) HABAU

We also worked on a project commissioned by the province of Lower Austria involving a 16.1-kilometre section of the B4 to the northwest of Vienna towards Horn, where we were responsible for the planning, construction, expansion, operation and maintenance works, as well as financing. The bypass alleviates traffic around the town centre of Maissau, thus significantly helping to improve the quality of life of the locals whilst also easing congestion. 5.6 kilometres of the route were designed to be a new three-lane stretch, which was already delivered in June 2012. Another 7.75-kilometre stretch encompasses an existing section built by the province of Lower Austria, which we successfully operate and maintain. Parts of the newly constructed section ran through rock cuts, which were up to 23 metres deep. The project route spans a total of 13 bridges, 11 of which needed to be newly built during construction.