Bruckner Tower

Futuristic living across 31 floors: More than 350 state-of-the-art apartments are being built in Bruckner Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria. There is even enough room for the Anton Bruckner International School and a kindergarten.
View of Bruckner Tower during construction
Construction period: summer 2018 to summer 2021
Floors: 31
Height: 98,6 metres

At just under 99 metres tall, Bruckner Tower is the biggest skyscraper in Linz. It is being built on the site that was once the home of the Anton Bruckner University. Its 31 storeys will boast room for 355 flats. The new address in Wildberstrasse scores particularly highly when it comes to sustainability and energy consumption: High-rise buildings are generally associated with low land consumption, while the buildings themselves are not particularly heating intensive.