Obervellach II power plant

Client: ÖBB Infrastruktur AG
Location: Obervellach, Carinthia
Facilities to be built: Water intakes, tunnels, penstocks, small hydropower plant, Obervellach II power station (among others).
Length of the works water channelling system: 3.800 m

On behalf of ÖBB Infrastruktur AG, ÖSTU-STETTIN, a member of the HABAU GROUP, is involved in the construction of Obervellach II power plant, situated in a challenging alpine location in Carinthia, together with its consortium partners Jäger Bau and Bilfinger Industrial Services.


Numerous plant components are to be constructed for this large-scale project, including the water intakes of the three streams, all tunnels and penstocks, the small Kaponigbach hydropower plant and the Obervellach II power station, including the underwater channel and equalising basin. Martin Zmölnig, Business Unit Manager for Underground Construction Operations at ÖSTU-STETTIN, explains the unique challenges facing the company: “The works water channel which carries the water to the turbine is about 3,800 metres long. The cross-section is comparatively small and runs through an area that is, geotechnically speaking, quite challenging. On top of that, it also has to be partially fitted with a reinforced inner shell. Then, of course, a special goods cable lift is also needed to construct the penstocks, because we’re working in such steep terrain.”


Hubert Wetschnig, CEO of the HABAU GROUP, is also proud of the services the Group is providing within the context of this state-of-the-art power plant construction; in addition to ÖSTU-STETTIN, the civil engineering division of the HABAU GROUP company HABAU is also involved. “This proves just how well our companies complement each other, allowing us to deliver even the most complex projects predominantly in-house when working as a team.” Additional measures are being taken to ensure the sustainability of the plants. For example, the build comprises equalising basins and habitat improvements for wildlife in the surrounding areas.