Modernisation of hollow core slab production hall: HABAU GROUP continues to invest in Perg location

Construction start: July 2022
Location: Naarner Straße 80, Perg
Investment volume: approx. 11 million euros
Dimensions of production hall: 170 x 20 x 11 metres
Storage area: 7,500 square metres
End of construction: June 2023

After an 11-month construction period, HABAU is opening the doors to one of Europe’s most cutting-edge production plants.


The HABAU GROUP continues to invest heavily in the future of its productive sites and has implemented a new production facility for hollow core slabs in Perg for the Group company HABAU. The project at Naarner Straße 80 was realised entirely independently by HABAU. After just eleven months of construction, the hollow core slab production hall was presented during a ceremonial opening on 14 June 2023 with district governor Werner Kreisl and Perg mayor Anton Froschauer, among others.


The new 170-metre-long and 20-metre-wide production hall encompasses state-of-the-art machinery that is largely controlled via BIM-based 3D planning, thus simplifying the workflows of the approximately 180 on-site employees to a considerable extent. The expansion of the existing prefab plant also includes a new social and office building as well as an outdoor storage area covering 7,500 square metres with three overhead cranes.


“We are very pleased to be contributing to the modernisation of the Perg location with the remodelling of the hollow core slab production hall. With the new plant, we will be able to produce under better conditions and win over our clients with an innovative product. This will allow us to ensure our competitiveness on the market”, says Hubert Wetschnig, CEO HABAU GROUP.


Mayor Anton Froschauer expressed his satisfaction: “The new HABAU production hall provides new impetus for the Perg location in the spirit of sustainability, while also securing numerous jobs in the region. With this, the company is creating added economic value and contributing to the prosperity of our city.”


Ecological, economic, secure

The HABAU GROUP invested a total of 11 million euros into the production facility, focusing among other things on increased safety standards in the workplace. “Our employees are our most important resource and form the foundation of the HABAU GROUP”, Wetschnig emphasises. “Thanks to automated installations and additional safety systems, such as laser and ultrasound sensors as part of the crane systems, we have established increased safety measures for our employees on site.”


The issue of sustainability and the environmentally responsible use of resources also played a major role in the implementation of the project. Thanks to savings on concrete, for example, less cement is required. This allows for more ecological and economic production and leads to reduced CO2 emissions.


Double the width, half the effort

The prefabricated concrete elements with hollow cores are frequently used in industrial and commercial construction. The advantages of the new hollow core slabs are manifold: with a doubled element width of 240 centimetres – the standard market width is 120 centimetres – both assembly and joint sealing take just half as much time as usual. Likewise, higher capacities can now be produced on three (instead of the previous two) production lines, which has a positive effect on lead times.


At present, approx. 17,000 prefabricated parts are produced, transported and assembled at the HABAU precast factory each year. With the new hollow core slab production facility, in future the manufacture of up to 20,000 parts per year will be possible.