Making work and family compatible: First HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare comes to a successful conclusion

In the Upper Austrian city of Perg, the first HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare took place from 1 to 12 August. Employees at the construction group had the opportunity to put their offspring in the competent hands of professional childminders. Alongside fun and games, the programme also sparked enthusiasm for the construction sector among the little ones.


“As a family business, we are especially invested in supporting parents”, emphasises Hubert Wetschnig, HABAU GROUP CEO. In line with this, employees have the option to make use of flexitime, part-time models or even the home office. Paternity leave and the “dad month” are also increasingly taken advantage of by male staff, he adds. “We know that during the long summer holidays in particular, parents are faced with a major challenge. We want to help take the pressure off: With the HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare, we have now laid a further cornerstone for the compatibility of work and family within the group”, Wetschnig continues.


Colourful childcare programme

A total of 29 children enjoyed the fun and varied holiday programme: The premises of the events centre “DIE TURNHALLE” in Perg offered plenty of space for movement, games and arts and crafts. The activities ranged from making friendship bracelets and dyeing t-shirts to obstacle courses and group games. Due to the hot summer temperatures, the children spent one day per week in the Perg forest pool, which provided a very welcome way to cool off.


The programme would not have been complete without two visits to the HABAU GROUP technical machinery area: in conscientious compliance with all safety-related regulations, the children got to know exciting construction machines such as mobile cranes, remote-controlled trench rollers, asphalt pavers and much more. On 12 August, the farewell party was held for all participants and their families, along with the childminders from “Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel”.


Continuation planned for 2023

“We hope that with our childcare service, we were able to provide all the kids with an enjoyable time and give parents a helpful leg up”, Wetschnig summarises. “In order to keep improving our offer for the compatibility of work and family, we will carry out a needs assessment in autumn 2022 and survey all our employees. We very much look forward to the next HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS in summer 2023.”