HABAU GROUP secures one of Germany’s most significant infrastructure projects with the “Rahmede viaduct”

Location: A45 in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia
Construction start: October 2023
Investment volume: approx. 170 million euros
Length of bridge: 453 metres
Scheduled end of construction: 2027

In North Rhine-Westphalia, the 453-metre-long Rahmede viaduct is to be completely rebuilt by 2027 by a consortium consisting of HABAU, Bickhardt Bau SE and MCE GmbH. Around 170 million euros are being invested.


Work on the new construction of the Rahmede viaduct in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, which has been closed since December 2021, will begin in October of this year. In a two-stage procedure, the consortium consisting of HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft m.b.H., earthworks and road construction partner Bickhardt Bau SE and steel engineering company MCE GmbH secured the contract commissioned by Autobahn GmbH to renovate the viaduct built in 1968. Along with the evaluation criterion of price, the construction time, structural concept and immission protection concept were decisive factors in the awarding of the contract. Opening to traffic of the first section of the structure is planned for summer 2026.


The building measures comprise the new construction of the Rahmede viaduct, which will span the Rahmede valley in Lüdenscheid and is planned to close the gap in the A45 motorway section, along with all associated building work such as crane, concrete and steel works and excavation and roadworks.


“We are very proud to have been chosen for another contract for a bridge-building project of this scale and to be participating in one of the most important infrastructure projects in Germany right now with the new construction of the Rahmede viaduct”, HABAU GROUP CEO Hubert Wetschnig is pleased. “As the HABAU company, in the consortium alongside Bickhardt Bau SE and our Group company MCE, we are demonstrating our expertise as a competent partner and strengthening our position on the German market.”


Turning old into new: the steel composite bridge at a glance

The old, already dilapidated bridge was demolished in May 2023 and is now to be replaced by a new steel composite structure. During the planning of the new 453-metre-long steel composite bridge, the continuously increasing volume of traffic was taken into account in particular: After completion, the aim is for the two new supporting structures – each with one lane in each direction – to guarantee an unimpeded flow of traffic on the A45 once more, thus considerably reducing the persistent diverted traffic passing through Lüdenscheid since the closure of the old bridge.


For the concrete works of the four pairs of pillars reaching up to 70 metres in height, bored piles will first be inserted into the ground, onto which the foundations and pillars will be placed. Following this, the steel frameworks will be slotted in using the incremental launching method. For this, provisional auxiliary pillars will be erected in part. The majority of the accesses and exits of material and machines will take place via the existing A45.


Part of the family: capitalising on synergies

Especially efficient synergies are being created by HABAU GROUP companies HABAU and MCE. While HABAU is responsible for the reinforced concrete construction and acts as the technical leader, MCE is in charge of the entire steel structure. In this way, construction processes and technical solutions can be coordinated and optimised via the quickest channels.