HABAU GROUP opens new location in Vienna Strebersdorf

Location: Autokaderstraße 78-80, 1210 Vienna
Construction start: March 2021
Gross usable floor area: 5.500 qm²
Employee housing facility: 91 beds
End of construction: June 2022

After a 15-month construction period, HELD & FRANCKE is opening the doors to its new location for around 160employees, creating a sustainable, modern and attractive workplace.


The HABAU GROUP was commissioned by Group company HELD & FRANCKE to erect a new office building with an attached employee housing facility in Strebersdorf, located within the 21st district of Vienna. The project at Autokaderstraße 78-80 was implemented entirely in-house in synergy with the companies HABAU, KARL SEIDL and HELD & FRANCKE. After a mere 15-month construction period, the project was presented on 9 June 2022 during a ceremonial inauguration together with district representative Georg Papai, among others.


In future, around 160 employees will work in the new building with a total floor area of approx. 5,500 square metres. Right next door is an employee housing facility with 91 beds. Almost all single rooms – equipped with a toilet and shower.


“We’re very pleased to be able to open the new HELD & FRANCKE location for our employees so quickly, after a 15-month construction period. Together, we will use this as a base to work on the expansion of our permanent business in Vienna and northern Lower Austria”, says Hubert Wetschnig, CEO of the HABAU GROUP.


District representative Georg Papai welcomes the expansion in his district: “The new HELD & FRANCKE location is an enrichment for the entire district of Floridsdorf and, by providing important jobs, it creates added social as well as economic value for our city.”


13 million euros sustainably invested

Overall, the HABAU GROUP invested around 13 million euros into the new location, thus both securing important jobs as well as creating new ones. “The employees are our most important foundation”, emphasises the HABAU GROUP CEO. “Our construction family is constantly growing, and we’re excited to double the office workplaces here at the new location from 35 to 70.”


The issue of sustainability and the environmentally responsible use of resources played a major role in the implementation of the project. The heating and cooling, for example, is controlled by air source heat pumps on the roof. These, in turn, are powered by a photovoltaic system. A further example is the recycling of rainwater: it is used for irrigation as well as for keeping the recycling areas free of dust. The excess surface water is then filtered and drained into the ground.