Constructive fun: HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare draws to an end in Perg, Linz and Vienna

This summer saw the second edition of the HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare. For nine weeks, a total of 105 children belonging to the employees of the construction group were supervised by the “Kinderfreunde” at the HABAU GROUP locations in Perg, Linz and Vienna. Alongside numerous activities, the HABAU GROUP offspring was also introduced to the world of construction in a playful manner.


“During the summer holidays, parents are faced with a huge challenge when it comes to the topic of childcare. For us as a family company, it’s a particular priority of ours to take some of the load off our employees during this time, which is why we started the HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare in the summer of 2022. We’re happy to see such keen interest and want to contribute to the compatibility of career and family in the Group with this additional component”, explains Hubert Wetschnig, HABAU GROUP CEO. This year for the first time, the summer childcare took place not only in Perg, but in Linz and Vienna too.


Fun and varied holiday childcare in Perg, Linz and Vienna

The children in Perg were treated to a holiday programme full of variety on the premises of the events centre DIE TURNHALLE. Since not just the gymnasium, but also the fistball pitch was available, the kids were able to let off steam during all manner of indoor and outdoor games. The holiday childcare in Linz took place in the new HABAU GROUP location, HAB25. In Vienna, the HELD & FRANCKE location in Strebersdorf offered plenty of space for fun and games.


Alongside making friendship bracelets, wood projects, dyeing T-shirts and baking together, the daily activities also included obstacle courses, movement and group games. Each week, Kinderfreunde Wien chose a new focus, taking the children on excursions to the Hirschstetten flower gardens and the swimming pool, among other things.


The start of each week included games for getting to know one another and a visit to the warehouse of the HABAU GROUP Machine Technology Area. Every Tuesday, the children at the Linz holiday care location were taken on a day trip to Perg, where they visited the warehouse there together with the Perg childcare group. The kids at the Strebersdorf location got the chance to take a closer look at the HELD & FRANCKE warehouse.


The future generation of the construction industry

In conscientious compliance with all safety-related regulations, the children got to know exciting construction machines such as mobile cranes, excavators, trucks, asphalt pavers and much more. In Perg and Linz, the children had the opportunity to extinguish a fire from a safe distance and, in a specially separated area, got the chance to marvel at the Perg warehouse from lofty heights. Thus enthusiasm for the construction industry was sparked as the children became familiar with their parents’ workplace. Finally, to cool off, the kids visited the Perg forest bathing lake i.e. the Strebersdorf family pool.


To be continued in 2024

The HABAU GROUP 4 KIDS summer childcare is once again planned for the coming summer of 2024: “The enthusiastic attendance of the first two years shows that the need for summer childcare is there. With this initiative, our aim is to continue to relieve parents of stress and ensure the kids can enjoy a carefree, fun time while exploring the world of construction”, Wetschnig adds.