Austria’s most appealing offices: HABAU GROUP secures second place at the “Office of the Year” Award 2023

With its modern and future-oriented company office HAB25 in Linz, the HABAU GROUP claimed second place in the renowned “Office of the Year” (OOTY) Award 2023.


In the category of large companies, the modern, future-oriented office won over the expert jury with its outstanding performance in the criteria Design & Ergonomics, Corporate Identity & Representation and Inspiration & Creativity. Special mention was made of the factors Flexibility & Employee Friendliness along with Innovation & Integration of Technology.


HAB25 represents a future-oriented office that was designed in line with New Work principles and developed, planned and constructed according to ecological, economic and sociocultural criteria. During conceptualisation, clear requirements were at the forefront: the representation of the corporate values, a flexible workplace design and the promotion of communication. The employees played a decisive role in this, as they contributed considerably to the design of the office.


Form follows work

While developing the workplace concepts, the HABAU GROUP came up with its own design principle: “Form follows work”. The architecture and configuration of the workplace align with the requirements of the activity to be carried out there. The “OOTY” Award is an acknowledgement of the dedication and innovative ability that have been invested into the design of this very special working environment.


With the creation of HAB25, the Group now has an office that is not just aesthetically impressive, but also facilitates the future way of working.