Habau Group

“Today we build for tomorrow!“ is a statement that not only expresses the vision of the HABAU GROUP. It is our central mission. As a building contracting group, we leave a lasting footprint on nature. We cannot and do not wish to change the core activities of our business. Nevertheless, we can take measures to make a pro-active contribution to environmental protection. In this respect, for example, increased orientation towards environmental concerns can be observed in the building industry. Thus, in the housing sector sustainability is becoming the standard. Within this, the environmental and social aspects during the later phase of use are taking on equal importance, from the access routes for materials to the construction site, to the recycling of building waste during construction.

With 4.204 employees (average) the HABAU GROUP has earned 1,074 billion Euro in the last fiscal year. (Source: annual financial statement per 31.3.2016)